The Olympia Mountaineers

Olympia Branch Award & Peak Pin Badges

Activity awards for meeting a list of objectives offered by our Olympia Branch. These include hiking, climbing, scrambling, and sea kayaking. You can earn a pin or patch to wear and a badge for your profile.

Hiking, Climbing & Scrambling Awards

Chair: Kerry Lowry,
3600 Snug Harbor Dr. NE
Olympia, WA 98506 

Deadline: All award applications must be submitted by September 15.

Application: Please prepare your request for an award listing the required information in a concise format. You must have been a member of The Mountaineers at the time of climbing all peaks or hikes covered by the award. The trips must have been made in accordance with the Climbing Code. Please do not create links to any source but include Award being requested, dates of hikes or climbs that you did to complete the award requirements, party members with their contact information, date you joined the Mountaineers and your contact information.

Presentation: Awards are presented at the Olympia Branch Annual Banquet unless otherwise requested.

Sea Kayak Awards

The Olympia Sea Kayak Committee Invites interested, qualified paddlers from all Mountaineer Branches to pursue, achieve and be recognized for their Kayaking accomplishments. Through the process of challenging one's own abilities and building skills through experience and practice, we hope to encourage the advancement of kayaking skills within our community.

This series of award incentives is to provide encouragement for leaders to schedule and lead trips throughout the many regions and waters of Washington, and to encourage participation by all club paddlers.

Contact: Jean Fisher,

Service Awards

Learn about those who have given service above and beyond the call of duty at the Olympia Branch Service Award badge.

See a list of awards and badges at