The Olympia Mountaineers

Lookout Awards

Rules: Patch or rocker is awarded to Mountaineers who hike, accompanied by one or more persons, to the summit of any 12 of the 20 lookout or former lookout peaks listed below, subject to these rules:

  1. For patch, each ascent was made after February, 1987.
  2. For rocker, each ascent was made after July, 1989.
  3. Application is made to the Awards Committee listing:
    1. Name of peak.
    2. Date of ascent.
    3. Members of party.
  4. The award for the second group of lookouts must take place after the applicant has earned the original Olympia Lookout Patch.

Group One Patch

Baw Faw PeakRyderwood3110
Mt. BeljicaMt. Wow5475
Bogachiel PeakBogachiel Peak5475
Capitol PeakRochester2658
Colonel BobGrisdale4492
Crystal PeakWhite River Park6595
Mt. FremontSunrise7230
Gobbler’s KnobMt. Wow5500
Heybrook LookoutMt. Index1701
High RockRandle5685
Mt. JupiterThe Brothers5701
Kloochman RockKloochman Rock3356
Shriner PeakChinook Pass5834
Sleeping BeautySleeping Beauty4907
Tiger Mtn.Hobart3004
Mt. TownsendTyler Peak6212
Mt. ZionTyler Peak4273

Group Two Rocker

Anvil RockMt. Rainier EastS side MRNP9584
Big QuilceneMt Walker5 miles SW Quilcene4000
Blue Mtn.Mt. Angeles12 miles SE Pt. Angeles6007
Clear West PeakGreenwater18 miles SE Greenwater5643
Crystal PointMRNP, 1955 or earlier1 mile N ski lift top6605
Dodger PointMt. Olympus17 miles S Pt. Angeles5753
Glacier ViewMt. Wow6 miles NE Ashford5450
Higley PeakKloochman Rock4 miles N Amanda Park3025
Hurricane HillMt. Olympus9 miles SW Pt. Angeles5767
Jefferson Ridge PointBrothers13 miles N Hoodsport3832
K.O. PointGrays River18 miles SE Raymond2632
Kelly ButteLester24 miles E Enumclaw5402
Lightning PeakMt. Tebo3 miles W Staircase4654
Lincoln (ridge)Mt. Steel1/2 mileSW Lincoln Sm.5500
Mt. WalkerMt. Walker3 miles SW Quilcene2804
Noble KnobLester25 miles SE Enumclaw6011
Norse PeakNorse PeakNorth of Crystal Mountain ski resort6856
Pyramid Mtn.Lake Crescent17 miles W Pt. Angeles3000
Rock Candy Mtn.Summit Lake10 miles W of Olympia2634
SunsetGolden LakesWest side MRNP5537