The Olympia Mountaineers

2015 Intermediate Climbing Course

Rich Irwin (360) 580-8694

On-line for Intermediate Climbing

Course: The intermediate climbing course provides classroom and field instruction designed to teach the techniques of safe climbing on rock, hard snow, ice, and mixed alpine terrain. Leadership and safety skills are major components of the course. The Olympia intermediate climbing course is offered in a module format that includes instruction on winter mountaineering including emergency shelter construction and avalanche safety and rescue; leading on rock including setting pro, building and equalizing anchors, swinging leads and self-rescue; hard snow and glacier travel including German and French technique; and vertical ice climbing including the placing of ice screws and swinging leads on 60+ degree ice.

Cost: $175


  1. Basic Climbing Course graduate or equivalency
  2. Must hold or obtain a current MOFA card
  3. Successful completion of the Qualifier Field Trip


Jan. 29 Orientation and kickoff The Alpine Experience (Hayak Room)
Feb. 8 Qualifier Warehouse Gym
Mar. 12 Winter Mountaineering The Alpine Experience
Mar. 14-15 Winter Mountaineering TBD
Jun. 4 Rock and Self-rescue Warehouse Rock Gym
Jun. 13-14 Rock I Leavenworth
Jun. 18 Rock II Warehouse Rock Gym
Jun. 27-28 Rock II Leavenworth
Jul. 14 Hard Snow Warehouse Rock Gym
Jul. 18 Hard Snow TBD
Jul. 30 Ice I Warehouse Rock Gym
Aug. 8-9 Ice I Coleman Glacier
Aug. 13 Ice II Warehouse Rock Gym
Aug. 22-23 Ice II Coleman Glacier

Ice II field trip at Coleman Glacier - September 2009
(photo by Toby Tahja-Syrett)