The Olympia Mountaineers

2015 Winter Travel Course

Course Instructor: Tom Eckhout 360-556-9898

On-line for Winter Travel

The Winter Travel Course offered by the Olympia Mountaineers is designed to prepare the winter outdoor enthusiast for skiing and snowshoeing with a group or independently in the mountains of the Northwest.

Taking the class will give the participants information and hands on experience with traveling in a winter environment and the necessary precautions for a safe adventure. The topics include the essentials of clothing, boots, and types of equipment, preventing injuries, understanding winter weather, and what to bring in your pack. You get training in beginner snowshoe and Nordic ski techniques, proper route finding, avalanche avoidance, and basic snow science for understanding avalanches.

Course graduates will have the necessary information and experience to participate in trips of one or more days into the winter backcountry. They will have an understanding of the physical and mental demands of winter backcountry travel and be prepared for most emergencies.

Cost: $25 for Mountaineer members, $35 for non-members. To take both courses, requiring both field trips, will require an additional $15 for either members or non-members.

Eligibility: open to anyone

Class Size: 35 (combined)

Jan. 13 - TuesdayLecture 1
Jan. 14 - WednesdayLecture 2
Jan. 20 - TuesdayLecture 3
Jan. 21 - WednesdayLecture 4
Jan. 24 - SaturdayNordic Skiing Field Trip
Jan. 25 - SundaySnowshoeing Field Trip

Lecture Time: 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Winter Travel students receive instruction at Meany Lodge

Text: Download and print a copy of the student manual.

Location: All lectures will held be at the Assoc. of Realtors Hall.

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Attend all lectures
  2. Complete the field trip
  3. Complete two ski trips (for Nordic Skiing) and/or two snowshoe trips (for Snowshoe)
  4. Be a current Mountaineer in good standing
  5. By April 30, submit the 'Request to Graduate form'
  6. Be approved to graduate by the Ski Committee