The Olympia Mountaineers

Branch Librarian: Maxine Dunkelman


Our library collection consists of around 1400 titles, including books, maps, games, picture puzzles, atlases, DVDs, CDs, and videos. Subject areas include: biking; hiking; climbing rock, ice, and glaciers; backpacking; snowshoeing; backcountry skiing; sea kayaking; whitewater boating; running; caving; natural history; environmental issues; fitness and training; first aid; photography; and some history and cultural information relevant to the Pacific Northwest. For the various activities, there are books on where to go (both in the United States and in foreign countries) and how to do it, as well as histories and stories. We have a good selection of books for children to read and books about doing activities with children. We have virtually all the books published by Mountaineers Books and by many other publishers.

How do I get a book, map, video or bear-resistant food container?

To check out a book, you can either go to the Library at Maxine Dunkelman's house (see below) or she might meet you somewhere with the books you want. You can also arrange for Maxine to bring your book requests to the next Mountaineer event. Call 360-786-6512 or email to arrange a time and place. You can usually keep the books for a couple of months. Feel free to take the books on your next trip, just protect them in a good waterproof bag. Books may be returned at a potluck, to Maxine at her house, or at The Olympia Gear Exchange - 360-890-4674 - just have staff place in the green box marked "The Mountaineers" with your name on the item.

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NEW at the Olympia Mountaineers Library:

  • Mountain Biking Bend, Mountain Biking Tahoe
  • Maps for SE Utah, Red Rock country!
  • Paddling Maine
  • Fantastic mountaineering stores: The Bond;  Karakoram; The 9th Grade
  • Mud Flats and Fish Camps, a story of a family adventuring in Cook Inlet, Alaska
  • Found by one of our favorited speakers, Bree Loewen

And we have books by our own branch members, such as Dixie Havlak’s “Swords and Lace: A Children's Guide to Northwest Plants and Animals,” and Maria Ruth’s, “Rare Bird”


And just where is this wonderful library?

Location: 5418 Lemon Rd NE North on Sleater Kinney; Left (SW) on South Bay; Right (N) on Schinke;Left (W) on 46th; Right (N) onto Lemon. OR North on Plum/EastBay/Boston Harbor Rd, Right (E) on 36th; Left (N) on Lemon Rd (just east of Libby); take jog on 46th and go left onto Lemon again. House is on East side. Driveway splits, take left to green single story house not the big blue house.